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Making the most of your outdoor space, no matter how small

Quarantine had us rethinking interiors last spring. This summer, try a mini-makeover outdoors.
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Virus sends a nation of restaurant-goers back to the kitchen

In this nation that so often dines out or gobbles processed food on the run, quarantine has us cooking.
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Ask a Designer: Improving your home’s function as refuge

When your entire life is happening inside your home, it matters how that space feels and functions.
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Parenting in the age of Alexa and her ilk

Hey parents: What if there was a machine that could respond to your kids’ every command, never tiring?
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The Sleepless Generation

It’s 10 p.m. and I can hear him in there. His baby brother is fast asleep. But Mason is wide awake. Link to Story

Let Your Home Tell Your Story

Your home is your oasis, but it's also a spectacular canvas to celebrate your history.
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Dementia is dreadful. But family dinners can bring moments of joy.

Long before Tim Hollingsworth was chef de cuisine at French Laundry, he was cooking by his mother’s side.
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Creating an eco-friendly nursery, from paint to fabrics

Parents worldwide (Prince Harry & Meghan Markle included) are keeping the environment in mind when decorating for their babies.
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4 Simple Steps Toward a Healthier Home

More than ever, clients ask designers to help create not just a beautiful home, but a healthy one.
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Meet the 5 remarkable women behind Museum Lab

An abandoned 19th-century library will soon be America's largest cultural campus for families.
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Ikea shoppers are fluent in “Huh?”

OK, how exactly do you pronounce Pjatteryd?
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You CAN try this at home: Cookbook serves TV/movie foods

It all started with a “fussy little burger” elaborately described by Rob Lowe on “Parks & Rec.”
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For nearly two decades, Melissa Rayworth has been exploring the building blocks of modern life -- the ways we design and organize our homes, how we interact with entertainment and pop culture in our marketing-saturated society, parenting, relationships and marriage, and much more -- as a writer for regional, national and global media outlets. She's also an experienced managing editor for print and online magazines.

That work continues, and has grown to include the launch of a private storytelling service called Breadcrumbs, which Melissa has created alongside her husband, writer Ted Anthony. (Visit to learn more.)

After three years living and working in southeast Asia, Melissa currently splits her time between Pittsburgh and New York.