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Welcome to the “pool party.”

In the photos, the suntanned girls are laughing. Their heads are askew, hair whipping around as if their happy motion can barely be captured by the camera’s eye. A cool blue swimming pool awaits in the background on this steamy Friday afternoon. Sunshine, palm trees and a cute boy from middle school has invited them over. Link to Story

Ask a Designer: designing a functional yet stylish mudroom

Once a staple only in larger houses, mudrooms have increasingly become essential elements even for apartment dwellers and those with small homes.
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Control Yourself: 6 Apps to Help Fight Digital Distraction

When busy people sit down at night to pay bills, answer emails or RSVP for their kids' school events, they don't plan to procrastinate. But somehow a quick visit to Facebook becomes 20 minutes of mindless scrolling, and a momentary search for a needed item morphs into a half-hour of virtual shopping. Link to Story

Can a Procrastinating Mom Change Her Procrastinating Son?

Some nights, I’d hear him puttering around in his room. Maybe he’d drop the tennis ball he was tossing up in the air and it would bounce across his bedroom floor. Or I’d realize he was poking around on Spotify, playing a fragment of one pop song, then a fragment of another. He’d only stop when I’d call out: “Are you really finishing your homework?”. Link to Story

How to convert a spare room into a dream closet

Remember that rooms in your home don’t have to be used the way they were originally intended. Get creative and convert a small room into the ultimate walk-in closet, says Egypt Sherrod, host of HGTV’s “Flipping Virgins” and “Property Virgins.”. “Homes built before the ‘80s just didn’t have the room size that today’s buyers have become used to, or the walk-in closets we’ve been trained to expect,” she says.
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New school year, new chance to get organized

To keep her family organized, crafting blogger Jennifer Yates personalized a pair of old window screens with her children's names, then attached wooden clothespins to hold papers and reclaimed wooden hymnal holders to collect school papers and invitations. A row of hooks for jackets completes this very practical organization center, which also serves as a spot to celebrate her kids' accomplishments.
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Your car is at 100,000 miles. Now what?

It was once a huge red flag: When a car's odometer would hit 100,000 miles, "it was almost a magic threshold that meant the car was probably worn out," says Kay Wynter, who runs an auto service center in Fort Myers, Fla., with her husband, Terry. But thanks to improvements in car design and maintenance, the milestone of 100,000 miles now means something very different.
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For nearly two decades, Melissa Rayworth has explored the building blocks of modern life -- including marriage, relationships and parenting, how we design and organize our homes, the ways we interact with entertainment and pop culture in our marketing-saturated society, and more -- as a writer for regional, national and global media outlets. She's also served as a magazine managing editor and media consultant.

That work continues, and has grown to include the launch of a private storytelling service called Breadcrumbs (learn more at the soon-to-launch site, which Melissa has created alongside her husband, writer Ted Anthony.

After three years living and working in southeast Asia, Melissa currently splits her time between Pittsburgh and New York.