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Guests don't know each other? Help them mingle, have fun

Couples who meticulously plan every aspect of their wedding can still have trouble predicting: Will the guests have fun?
Vancouver Sun Link to Story

Art and Inspiration in Chiang Rai

A deep-dive guide to experiencing this thought-provoking northern Thai city.
Wanderlust Magazine -- Thailand Link to Story

Mom, Interrupted: Let Me Finish My Sentence

“The new kid in MY class from Japan brought in this candy today that tasted like…”. “Somebody said there was a bug in the noodles today, and my whole class was, like, screaming…”. Somehow my entire existence has become a live-action website. Each day hurtles at me at warp speed. But it’s not like it was when I was growing up, when life seemed to unfold in a forward motion not unlike the 1970s TV shows I watched after school. Link to Story

Original 'Law and Order,' a New York and New Jersey mirror and staple, shuts down

Since television was born, TV shows have been set in New York City. Most offer up a mere sliver of New York City. For two decades, until it was canceled Friday, NBC's "Law & Order" did something very different. Link to Story

Finally: Ads That Really Say What All Those Other Ads Are Thinking

Robin Rice isn't going to judge you for all those times you've stared into a mirror wishing your thighs were thinner or your belly was flatter or your hair wasn't so damn frizzy. She isn't shocked that just about every time you see yourself in a photograph, you immediately focus on the parts of you that need "fixing."
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Beauty is not Truth, Truth is not Beauty

I WAS HALFWAY THROUGH a phone call with Cate Blanchett when things turned awkward. She was taking calls from reporters to promote her new job as the spokesface for an expensive skincare line called SK-II. I was wrestling with the task of announcing this non-news to the world. It should have been easy, this brief dance between writer and celebrity.
The Weeklings Link to Story

In the Show About Lies, a Larger Truth

When it came to telling the story of American women, `Mad Men’ never flinched. Link to Story

India Calls on Advertisers to Stop Vilifying Dark-Skinned People in Ads

A few semesters ago, one of Jayanthi Rajan’s marketing students had her mind blown while working on a senior project at Albright College. As this American student compared the cultural messages in advertising from different countries, she was stunned to see a demeaning commercial for “skin whitening” creams sold in South Asia.
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McRibs and the art of artificial scarcity

Bradley Chong had a McRib for lunch on Nov. 13. He had another the next day, and the next day, and the next. In fact, he claims to have eaten a McRib practically every day since McDonald's brought back their sauce-laden, processed pork patty earlier this month. Chong knows his access to the McRib won't last forever.
Yahoo! Link to Story

Taking Off and Waking Up

The world has been throwing a lot at us lately, and it’s easy to wonder just what happened to the planet we thought we lived on. It’s as if we fell asleep in one America and woke up in another. Link to Story

Why Didn’t I Question 28 Years of Birth Control?

For much of freshman year, my fear of getting pregnant waged a battle with my fear of getting caught by my mother with birth control pills in my purse. I was a kid who had always played by the rules. In the Catholic household where I was growing up, secretly taking the Pill was beyond unacceptable. Link to Story

'Destination' weddings ask guests for more commitment

It wasn't long ago that attending a friend's wedding meant spending a Saturday night eating prime rib and dancing to cover versions of "Louie Louie" and "Brown Eyed Girl." Now, it might involve three days in Mexico or a long weekend in Maine. There could be scuba diving, cruises, square dancing or a marshmallow roast at a national park.
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Melissa Rayworth is a freelance writer and editor exploring the building blocks of modern life, including parenting and marriage, the myths and realities of modern suburbia, work/life balance and beauty/body image issues. She frequently writes feature stories for The Associated Press and, among other clients. She has also contributed to several anthologies, including the SmartPop book series.

Melissa currently splits her time between Pittsburgh, New York and Bangkok, Thailand. She tweets at @mrayworth.