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48 Hours in Bangkok: Your Next Vacation Spot

Despite the city’s image, nights out in Bangkok don’t have to look like an endless replay of “Hangover 2.” Link to Story

ASK A DESIGNER: Metallics for the holidays and all winter

Holiday decorating is all about adding a bit of cheer and sparkle, a task made easier by the recent popularity of all things metallic. With winter's shortage of daylight, the sheen of metallic furnishings, fabric and decorative pieces can add a dose of the brightness and warmth so many of us are seeking.
The Washington Post Link to Story

Fresh From Bangkok: 4 Herb & Spice-Filled Cocktail Recipes

Fresh lemongrass, crushed ginger, holy basil, ripe mango, ground fresh chili — Thailand’s bartenders fuel many of their best cocktails with locally grown herbs, spices, and fruits pulled straight from the country’s renowned dinner menus. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, they’re delicious and (kind of, almost, sort of) guilt-free. Link to Story

Summer Kitchens: Grilling is Just the Beginning

Elaborate outdoor kitchens are popping up in backyards throughout the Pittsburgh area. Is your house next? Debbie Henson wanted a simple patio for grilling dinner on summer nights. But as the former art teacher sketched out plans for refurbishing her Monessen backyard three years ago, she began to rethink that plan.
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The Uneasy Partnership of Motherhood and Wine

Late last Friday night, I approached the front door of my apartment after an evening out. As my key hovered just short of the lock, I stopped, checking myself. Link to Story

What Are Adaptogens, and Can They Help You Live Healthier?

You may not have heard much about “adaptogens” yet, but we’re guessing you will. This class of remarkable plants has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. And now, decades after scientists in Western countries first discovered them during World War II, research has been growing into the stress-protective and energy-giving properties of these ancient herbs. Link to Story

Thanks to Salty Pork Bits, you can have Justin Severino’s cured meats delivered to your doorstep

The salamis and chorizos and other delicacies made by Pittsburgh chef Justin Severino that draw so many diners to Cure and Morcilla aren’t just available in those restaurants — or even just in Pittsburgh — anymore. Severino is now selling his award-winning charcuterie nationwide through Salty Pork Bits (love the name), an online store and monthly subscription service. Link to Story

Bought by Kiva Han, Crazy Mocha plans expansion, new coffee roasting and more

Kiva Han Coffee, a distributor and wholesaler located in Cranberry, has bought the local coffee chain Crazy Mocha. What does that mean for Pittsburgh coffee drinkers? Potentially a lot of good things. The chain’s founder, Ken Zeff, will continue as head of retail and director of operations and Crazy Mocha’s 29 current locations (nearly all in the Pittsburgh area) will remain open. Link to Story

Black Gold & Grilled

Tailgating has become part of the sports DNA here in Pittsburgh Steelers Country. It's a cherished tradition whose roots grow deeper and its appeal grows wider with the passing years. Find out what fuels this cultural phenomenon (besides beer, that is). It's 6 p.m. on a cloudless Sunday in September.
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ASK A DESIGNER: Kitchen trends and innovations for 2017

Americans briefly scaled back the scope of home renovation projects after the recession began nearly a decade ago, says interior designer and "HGTV Design Star" judge Vern Yip. But even during the peak of that focus on smaller, more sustainable living, the size and complexity of kitchen designs continued to grow.
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For nearly two decades, Melissa Rayworth has explored the building blocks of modern life -- the ways we design and organize our homes, how we interact with entertainment and pop culture in our marketing-saturated society, parenting, relationships and marriage, and much more -- as a writer for regional, national and global media outlets. She's also served as a print and online magazine managing editor and media consultant.

That work continues, and has grown to include the launch of a private storytelling service called Breadcrumbs, which Melissa has created alongside her husband, writer Ted Anthony.

After three years living and working in southeast Asia, Melissa currently splits her time between Pittsburgh and New York.