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Let Your Home Tell Your Story

Your home is your oasis, but it's also a spectacular canvas to celebrate your history. Carrie Nardini chose the soft shade of turquoise for her Brookline kitchen for more than just its beauty. It’s the iconic color of a range of Pyrex mixing bowls used by American moms — including Nardini’s beloved grandmother, who died in 2008 — since the 1950s.
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The Changing Face of Campus in Pittsburgh

Renovation is under way at nearly all of our area colleges and universities. For students heading back to school this fall — and their parents — we offer this crash course on the highlights of these projects and their projected benefits. Pittsburgh has been a center of higher learning since the earliest days of America’s history, and as our city has grown and evolved over the centuries, so too have our many colleges and universities.
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Is Pittsburgh The New Hollywood?

Pittsburgh is on track to become a major player in the entertainment industry, generating jobs and revenue. But there are challenges to realizing this dream. In 1914, a ruthless villain tied a distraught damsel to the cold steel of a railroad track. She screamed in horror as a train thundered toward her.
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Doc Star: Dr. Freddie Fu

Freddie Fu travels the globe as an educator teaching medical professionals about a unique orthopaedic surgery technique. He is also an “ambassador,” spreading the good news about Pittsburgh and pushing for positive change, including greater diversity, in his profession. Freddie Fu has yet to visit Antarctica.
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Gorgeous & Affordable: Painting A Hardwood Floor

Homeowners and DIY enthusiasts update a traditional approach to personalizing and brightening up a room. Chuck Stockdill is manning the counter at the PPG Paints shop in Hampton Township, where I’ve come for advice. He thinks I’m crazy, speaking over me as I try to explain. Painted floors are a hot topic on design blogs these days, I tell him.
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Store Wars: Make It Easy with a Mudroom

What once was the most utilitarian room in any house has become the new darling of design. Forget cool kitchens and elaborate master baths: In this season of snowy boots, it’s all about the mudroom. Here in western Pennsylvania, mudrooms always have been a welcome feature. It was a treat if your new home included one and a popular addition if it didn’t.
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Talking Trash: Recycling in Pittsburgh

Are clunky computer monitors, old cellphones, expired prescription bottles and other “junk” cluttering up your home? Now you can give them a second life by barely lifting a finger. Clarence Harms is worried about your old batteries. He’s also worried about that old cell phone you don’t use anymore.
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Melissa Rayworth is a freelance writer and editor exploring the building blocks of modern life, including parenting and marriage, the myths and realities of modern suburbia, work/life balance and beauty/body image issues. She frequently writes feature stories for The Associated Press and, among other clients. She has also contributed to several anthologies, including the SmartPop book series.

Melissa currently splits her time between Pittsburgh, New York and Bangkok, Thailand. She tweets at @mrayworth.