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Let Your Home Tell Your Story

Your home is your oasis, but it's also a spectacular canvas to celebrate your history.
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Long-distance Love: How tech has changed our love lives

When people ask how my husband and I get through months spent on different continents, the conversation always turns to technology.
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Giving My Mother-in-law Back to Herself

They’re her memories, her stories. I just held onto them for a while.
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For wedding favors, personalize, localize, do it yourself

Once, the little gifts that couples gave out to wedding guests were as elegantly predictable as just about every other aspect of a traditional wedding. A little bud vase printed with the happy couple’s names, perhaps. Or a tiny faux-Lenox picture frame inscribed with the date. Somewhere along the way, couples and wedding planners took a different approach.
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This year, pass the turkey AND the family photos

When extended families lived closer together, it was easy to pass on family stories and anecdotes, maybe while cooking dinner or putting children to bed. “Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go” was essentially how people lived, says John Baick, a history professor at Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts.
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48 Hours in Bangkok: Your Next Vacation Spot

Despite the city’s image, nights out in Bangkok don’t have to look like an endless replay of “Hangover 2.” Link to Story

Overwhelmed at the flea market? Designers give shopping tips

Arriving at a sprawling flea market on a crisp Saturday morning, you wonder: What treasures might be hidden among dusty piles of cast-off, second-hand goods?
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Where There’s Smoke …

My ex-husband took a match to all my childhood photos. Now I’m following the breadcrumbs back to my history.
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Parenting in the age of Alexa and her ilk

Hey parents: What if there was a machine that could respond to your kids’ every command, never tiring?
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What happens when Taylor Lautner comes to town?

The rumors started last spring. Girls at Hampton High School gathered around their lockers, debating whether it could be true: Was heartthrob Taylor Lautner, the sexy werewolf from the "Twilight" movies, actually coming to their school to shoot a movie? Amber Beemer, finishing her junior year, was skeptical.
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Welcome to the “pool party.”

In the photos, the suntanned girls are laughing. Their heads are askew, hair whipping around as if their happy motion can barely be captured by the camera’s eye. A cool blue swimming pool awaits in the background on this steamy Friday afternoon. Sunshine, palm trees and a cute boy from middle school has invited them over. Link to Story

His Room

The long-ago night when I, too, realized that the world wasn’t quite what it seemed. 110 pounds of insecurity hidden beneath an oversized sweater, a miniskirt and a pair of boots I probably got at Payless. I am attempting to play it cool, walking with my new dorm-mates across the grounds of an unfamiliar college about an hour’s drive from our campus.
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For nearly two decades, Melissa Rayworth has explored the building blocks of modern life -- the ways we design and organize our homes, how we interact with entertainment and pop culture in our marketing-saturated society, parenting, relationships and marriage, and much more -- as a writer for regional, national and global media outlets. She's also served as a print and online magazine managing editor and media consultant.

That work continues, and has grown to include the launch of a private storytelling service called Breadcrumbs, which Melissa has created alongside her husband, writer Ted Anthony.

After three years living and working in southeast Asia, Melissa currently splits her time between Pittsburgh and New York.